As an artist I see art both historically, as well as on a level operating as a form of release for those who create. Art that is considered good, while this is subjective and thus differs from person to person, oftentimes carries a message that more people can identify with. In other words, art is an opinion, and much like verbal opinions, the level of articulation and eloquence used to state the opinion can greatly determine who and in what number, other individuals agree with said opinion.  
We all can identify with the concept of having an idea, and then setting out to share that idea. Usually our intentions are to influence others with the sharing of the idea; perhaps to change someones mind, perhaps to affirm that someones mind is in the same space as ours, or perhaps to simply gain some sympathy. I am going through this general breakdown of how we share our opinions because I want to relate it to my art, the ideas behind it, and my intentions for those ideas. I realized some years ago that creation was how I related to the world. I was thinking about what I felt was wrong with the world and feeling rather helpless and after some time, I realized that I was simply feeling sorry for myself.  I was not helpless, I was an artist with a decent amount of skills, and that as an artist I was duty bound to at the very least process the way I felt into some sort of creation. I realized that I wasn’t helpless at all, in fact, I was as able as anyone to make a difference… Perhaps even more capable than most.  

What is a difference any way? A change began there that day within my own mind and about my work, how I related to it, and what it was about.  Today when I make something, a few things are happening.  First of all, I am making something that I think is cool.  Something that I like and want to see come to life.  As I work, oftentimes my imagination runs wild and I give these creatures names and personalities.  I think of how they might move, how they might eat, and what they might eat. I think of where they are from and what type of environments they will thrive or die in. On another level, I use my process of creation to also process my thoughts, feelings, concerns, dreams, etc.  For example, if I am worried about money, than while I work, I allow that stress to release  during the process of creation.  At first, I thought of it as putting that stress into the work and freezing it there or trapping it, controlling it in a way.  I realized though, that I was only creating work that carried that imprint, one of a negative experience that I had. Now I do it a little differently. If I am having a bad day, lets use the example of money troubles again, instead of focusing on the stress energy of feeling broke, I focus on the feeling of having that energy consumed and changed by creating  my creature.  So now this creature carries an imprint of something  that takes negative energy and not only consumes it, but turns it positive. At the same time, I also have days when everything is great and I feel great. Those days when I’m on top of the world, my work gets the imprint of this feeling. I make  creatures that are positive invincible and create happiness.