Chapter 2: Conflict at See

I had been studying the creatures that I encountered and had been quite content to do so. Everything seemed so new and unique. I was trying to understand these adaptations and specialized evolutionary qualities. Like, why does a creature need eyes on its back and teeth on its face? What conditions made this a favorable mutation? Once again, I had allowed my focus to blind me from how the see had been changing. This seemed to be a common theme in the see. It was as if the see amplified any thoughts or emotions and put blinders up to the rest of existence. I had to consider the possibility that the see was as aware of me as I of it. My fascination with these ideas had done just that because as my consciousness shifted back outward, I became acutely aware of the change in my surroundings. There were thousands and thousands of new creatures. Most of them very brightly colored and elaborate. There numbers were so great, it was almost shocking. Obviously this species had done very well for itself, thriving in this part of the see for many years. These creatures which I named “Spunges” tended to group up together in clusters, some times sharing meals and cross breeding. It appeared that most of these creatures were capable of free movement in some way, at least in short distances, but it became apparent that the majority of them preferred to be stationary and locked fast to the smooth and predictable surfaces of the see floor. I had been quietly observing up to this point, and I decided to go in a little closer to one group and inspect the incredible details of their markings. A chill ran through me when I got closer. As I looked my gaze passed beyond the spunges and to the see floor. Its smooth surface was made of the carcasses of countless other spunges packed in so tight.



Chapter 1: The Plunge

I guess to start, I should really start at the beginning. The thing is, this is one of those times that the beginning is up for debate. So instead of starting at the see, I should tell you about the stream that lead me to it. I was still in school taking a couple of art classes and a philosophy class to finish. Philosophy took me by surprise and it really opened my mind and made me think. So much so, it started to seep into life, and into my art. As the nature of my thoughts changed so did my work, and the concept behind it. One day I was in Philosophy class and in a flash I was filled with a new understanding. I had been contemplating creativity and where it really comes from when it occurred to me that creativity is like a stream. We are not inventing ideas when we create, but instead pulling from the stream of possibilities and bringing something to light. In other words anyone can fish in the stream, some are born to. To the non artist this act seems impossible, and they might say, “Oh I could never do that” or “How do you come up with this sort of thing?” I remember thinking about putting my hands into the stream and letting the ideas splash up onto me. I imagined putting my hands and arms further into the stream to pull out the really big ideas. Class finished and I snapped back to reality. I must have spoken to the professor for twenty minutes after class about my epiphany. Her response left me with a great sense of satisfaction and truth. I felt I had found a map to tapping into my creativity, a way to go straight to the stream and to fresh ideas. Just when I thought I had the mother load, it occurred to me, what if I jumped in all the way, and where does the stream go?