1. Do you sell any pieces directly to customers?

Unfortunately I am unable to accommodate every customer directly so to be fair, I have to say no across the board.


  1. Do you know how much your pieces sell for in stores?

I cannot say definitively the prices of any pieces at retail. Contacting your local shop directly is the best way to get pricing.


  1. Do you know where your current work is located?

I am trying to keep up with posting on all of my social media outlets every time a shop gets an order. Once I’ve sent out work, I am unable to keep track of when pieces are sold. I do however have a list of reputable dealers on the about me section on Facebook, and the brokers section of my website www.saltglass.com. This list does not include EVERY shop though, so checking locally is definitely worth it.


  1. Do you take in repairs?

Yes! I always take in repairs. Please contact me through a private message on Facebook or email me at salt@saltglass.com


  1. Do you take custom requests?

No. I am unable to take in custom work at the moment due to inability to complete it in a timely manner and keep up with it all.


  1. I’m a shop that carries your work, how do I go about being put on your brokers list?

Please email me at salt@saltglass.com.


  1. I’m interested in taking a class from you, are there any details available?

I offer classes through various schools through the year and will post about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my website www.saltglass.com. I do not offer any classes locally unfortunately due to lack of space.


     8.  I have a piece by you that I want to purchase but I’m not sure if it’s your work, is there any way to double check with you?

Yes. Please email a picture at salt@saltglass.com before purchasing a piece if you are not sure if it is mine or not.


9.   I’m a shop, how do I go about purchasing work? 

Email Lindsey or Steve at lindz@ballersectionglass.com or steve@ballersectionglass.com