Hunting Party part 1: The Vision

I snapped back to sounds of two hunters celebrating they’re victory in catching their prey. I had been sort of daydreaming again but after this one I was going to have to stop calling it that at all. I had months before deciding to start a regimen of actively diving from the surface of the see and down as far as I could over and over. My goal being simply to observe what I could, try to take mental notes and look for patterns. Eventually this practice evolved into a type of meditation and as I practiced it more and more I became increasingly proficient at the diving process. This time I had been contemplating my decision to guide this tribe of hunters to the strange game that I had become known for being able find and cleanly kill. I had been some where else for what was only a moment in real time, but had been hours to me. I remembered the jolting feeling of the transition as it washed over me.  It was familiar but out of place at the same time. The feeling lead me to the realization that it was similar to that moment or moments just between sleep and consciousness It felt just like diving into the see but we were all ready fairly deep to hunt some of the more interesting creatures the see had to offer. The two hunters were now fully recovered and both looking at me with faces that said,  “what now it worked,” They had successfully captured two Snapper dragons which are small but very fast. A Snapper dragon is basically a stomach with teeth, and really isn’t a dangerous creature to encounter, as long as there’s only one of them that is. It had actually taken them a very long time and I thought about saying some thing like the “you were trying to catch it where it was, you should have been trying to catch it where it was going to be.” The clich echo of that thought prevented me from saying anything and instead I shook my head and simply helped them both up. A sense of excitement laced with fear gripped me as I thought about what I had seen in my strange vision. I thought of the nights that I had lay awake unable to shut down my mind and the feeling of being adrift in the see where time seemed to stop and speed up unpredictably. The vision had been so clear and so real. The see was deep in fact it seemed to have no bottom, but I had only gone so far. I had been instinctually staying at a depth that was comfortable to me for some time now. The vision had shown me what was beyond my comfort. I had seen a ridge that was not familiar to me. Beyond its edge a vast chasm an expanse of space and in that space I had seen the source of both my excitement and my fear. I had seen creatures so large and so intricate that I knew by the mere glimpse that I would not be able to best one alone. The vision was a sign, it was a message, and the see had issued me a challenge. I turned to hunters I had been guiding and said, “gather yourselves and stay close we are leaving.” One of the hunters looked on obviously puzzled and asked, “where” I smiled and simply said, “We’re going for bigger game.”