JAG x SALT: Building the Army

We scoured the bars and back alleys, the rough parts of town and after a while we had a pretty decent group of warriors, though they were a bit rag tag. The bulk of them were these creatures called Onomatopods, who were tough and rowdy but turned out to be really handy in a fight. They came in all shapes and sizes and each seemed to have a slightly different ability or special fighting technique. We had originally decided to approach them after we watched one of the smaller of them getting picked on by a much larger opponent. The little guys name was Bam and he was being pushed around by a drunken frat boy type for no apparent reason. The frat boy who was huge by any standard was babbling something like “You think your tough huh you little fucker? Well lets see how tough you really are.” Bam remained calm and collected until suddenly the top of his head began to glow and smoke began to drift upward. Then out of no where he jolted, it happened so quick I couldn’t see it, but the next thing I knew that frat boy was laid out cold on the ground with a stupid grin on his face. Bam walked away saying, “that’s about how tough I am”. Jag and I laughed and immediately recruited him. He then introduced us to the whole crew, and with a little cash and a lot of booze, we signed them all up.