JAG x SALT: The Prophecy & The Army

It had been a rough couple of weeks for me I been running the whole time it seemed. My mood was tense as I sat down at the local bar for a couple of cocktails. I had been avoiding the see for the most part or at least I thought I had, in reality the see was unavoidable. I was already drunk when saw Jag enter the bar. Jag was a legend not just as a hunter but a builder, and a visionary. He was also my friend. I approached him and greeted him with the quintessential heeeey! What the fuck are you doing here, followed up with an, I haven’t seen you in a while hug. We sat, ordered another round and began to catch up. He had been doing what he did best, which was building, but this time what he had built was different. Jag had been around when the Deaeyah had come and tried to destroy all the Spunges. He had seen how hard times could be but through those eyes he had also seen a way to fight back. He had learned to disguise himself so that the Deaeyah would not recognize him. Now years later he had built an entire village based on this principle where hunters like us could live in peace safe from the Deaeyah. As we sat talking an old crusty spunge whom I hadn’t noticed at first approached and without introducing him self began to speak. He told us that the Deaeyah had attacked before many times and had taken on many forms. His father had spoken of it in whispers long before he was old enough to understand, but that sure enough, the time came when the Deaeyah returned and took what it wanted, leaving most in ruin. He said he had seen the Deaeyah come three times himself and didn’t know how many times it had come before. Then he got very serious and leaned in like he didn’t want anyone else to hear what he was about to say. He looked worried, almost afraid as he spoke. He told us of a prophecy that was older than the Spunges. The prophecy told of the Deaeyah and its horrible ways, it said the Deaeyah would always return over and over until one day a small group of hunters would rise up and say “no more.” It foretold that using only the blade, the torch, and their minds, the hunters would chase off the Deaeyah and the see would be a safe place again. We had both been silent for some time while this strange character spoke, and when he finished we looked at each other with amazement. We turned and he had simply vanished. I was puzzled and yet his words rang true and I felt connected to them. In the conversation that followed, Jag and I decided that we would be part of those hunters that stood up to fight the Deaeyah and that when it returned, as it was sure to, we would be ready. We agreed that the next move was to build an army.