Wild red


I woke up late and groggy the next day. What we have done sort of meandered across my mind as I started to recall the events of the evening. Had we literally formed an army? I called Jag to confirm the suspicions of my hang over. He agreed that we had done just that and as we both talked about the night before I felt a sense of understanding in regard to the decisions we had made. The Deaeyah was both evil and arrogant. It had hurt those who I respected and some of those that I loved and knew well. The Deaeyah had its reasons, but they were ridiculous and selfish. The Deaeyah needed to be stood up to and nothing less than an army would harbor any sort of respect from the Deaeyah. So we agreed there was only one thing to do, recruit more soldiers. After a brief discussion we had agreed that with our combined talents we could attain a small herd of Wild Sherlackies. Sherlackies are a strong type of creature and are known for their popularity and efficiency in getting the job done. As strong as they were tamed, Wild Sherlackies were much stronger and more dangerous. We worked for a long time at it and using our experience, we finally had rounded up a very sizeable herd of the wild creatures.