Salt Presents The Gill

Salt Presents The Gill

A Report of the Study of New Salt Creatures

You wont notice the difference just by looking at the new salt gill.  In fact this is by design.  The gill is an internal organ that naturally occurs in a new varietal of Salt creature.  These curious little guys are the result of intense breeding programs and thorough documentation.  The Gill itself grows inside the body or torso area and seems to be highly adaptable to a vast array of other Salt creatures.  In other words, there will be accelerated growth and evolution seen in the next period due to this mutation.  The new creature is in strong contrast with the prior adaptations that were achieved using other, more intrusive methods. These methods resulted in elegant and strong species of Salt water creatures, that had obvious manipulations of science, and or gene therapy involved in the growth process.  The new method of breeding makes the other methods seem archaic and dated.  When doing breath meditations with a Salt “Gilled” creature the user will notice a smooth regulation of flow and a symbiosis not found in other Salt water creatures.  While only a small fraction is known about the Salt creature in general, this research has yielded many answers and cemented a reoccurring theme that the Salt creature is highly adaptable and seems to be almost willing to adapt for symbiotic relationships with humans.  Further investigation into these phenomena will follow.

Thank you for reading this humble research done by a novice as a passion.  This is not meant to be official research conducted using the strict guidelines of the scientific method.  Though much is borrowed from it to control variables, I prefer to use my intuition as well when seeking answers.  I apologize for any crudities and inconsistencies that are a result of this method and again thank you for you considerations of my thoughts.





The S.A.L.T. Perc

Sculpturally Applied Linear Tunnel

For some time now I have been trying to find ways to get my Salt creatures to breath in the water. When I first discovered this strange and diverse kingdom of creatures it seemed that they were meant for hot/dry climates exclusively.  In fac,t in the beginning most of these creatures could survive for a mere 30 seconds outside a range of 900 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. I began to amass skills and knowledge in the practice of cultivating and later breeding the creatures to be more adaptable to climate change and environment. In addition I noticed a slow but measurable evolution in the structure, and physical make up of the creatures as well. The eyes became more detailed and diverse in size and color. Later I realized that the eyes were a powerful genetic marker for many of the traits I would find desirable and want to amplify. I noticed an increase in “self defense” features namely, teeth, claws, hands, horns, and armor like plating. All of this change was very exciting but still limited to the dry climates.

My own curiosity and desire to experiment led me to try a sort of blending of science and nature that I admit at first seemed forced and unnatural. The result was a crude but functional salt creature that could function under water. I was very happy to have crossed this bridge and saw it as real progress. That said I was not satisfied, I wanted seamless integration of the function of the science and the strange beauty of my creatures. I had to sort of “de-claw “ the first few since until I got the hang of the process and made a few adjustments, the more flashy features were incompatible with the genetic modifications that I was making. The resulting research yielded a new breed of salt creature that had a more humanoid body structure and was equipped with a sort of bio port for functional parts. This was real progress but still required a scientific, manufactured add on to allow the creature to breath in the water. Through out this whole process, which I have distilled into a mere few paragraphs for the purpose of telling the story, I had begun to notice and measure an acceleration of the adaptability and progression of the creatures themselves.

After some time I realized that as a side effect of my experimentations I had inadvertently bred a hyper-actively evolving strain of the creatures. They were now designed to adapt at a staggering rate naturally. This realization eventually evolved into the idea to try and breed the creatures to breath the water on their own. Basically this meant that I needed to encourage the growth of new organs or to enhance the function of the existing ones.




JAG x SALT: The Last Piece

We looked on at our army and both had a sense of pride and accomplishment. We had worked very hard and had lost a few times. I didn’t want to say what it turned out we had both been thinking. We still needed more, something else. I started to say this despite my apprehension, when to my surprise Jag took the words right out of my mouth. We spoke for some time about the possibilities of what this could mean. We had many soldiers but while what our numbers provided was impressive, we decided that we needed something down right intimidating. So when we stumbled upon Crush we both knew that our army had its titan and was thus complete!


Wild red


I woke up late and groggy the next day. What we have done sort of meandered across my mind as I started to recall the events of the evening. Had we literally formed an army? I called Jag to confirm the suspicions of my hang over. He agreed that we had done just that and as we both talked about the night before I felt a sense of understanding in regard to the decisions we had made. The Deaeyah was both evil and arrogant. It had hurt those who I respected and some of those that I loved and knew well. The Deaeyah had its reasons, but they were ridiculous and selfish. The Deaeyah needed to be stood up to and nothing less than an army would harbor any sort of respect from the Deaeyah. So we agreed there was only one thing to do, recruit more soldiers. After a brief discussion we had agreed that with our combined talents we could attain a small herd of Wild Sherlackies. Sherlackies are a strong type of creature and are known for their popularity and efficiency in getting the job done. As strong as they were tamed, Wild Sherlackies were much stronger and more dangerous. We worked for a long time at it and using our experience, we finally had rounded up a very sizeable herd of the wild creatures.



JAG x SALT: Building the Army

We scoured the bars and back alleys, the rough parts of town and after a while we had a pretty decent group of warriors, though they were a bit rag tag. The bulk of them were these creatures called Onomatopods, who were tough and rowdy but turned out to be really handy in a fight. They came in all shapes and sizes and each seemed to have a slightly different ability or special fighting technique. We had originally decided to approach them after we watched one of the smaller of them getting picked on by a much larger opponent. The little guys name was Bam and he was being pushed around by a drunken frat boy type for no apparent reason. The frat boy who was huge by any standard was babbling something like “You think your tough huh you little fucker? Well lets see how tough you really are.” Bam remained calm and collected until suddenly the top of his head began to glow and smoke began to drift upward. Then out of no where he jolted, it happened so quick I couldn’t see it, but the next thing I knew that frat boy was laid out cold on the ground with a stupid grin on his face. Bam walked away saying, “that’s about how tough I am”. Jag and I laughed and immediately recruited him. He then introduced us to the whole crew, and with a little cash and a lot of booze, we signed them all up.