Salt Presents The Gill

Salt Presents The Gill

A Report of the Study of New Salt Creatures

You wont notice the difference just by looking at the new salt gill.  In fact this is by design.  The gill is an internal organ that naturally occurs in a new varietal of Salt creature.  These curious little guys are the result of intense breeding programs and thorough documentation.  The Gill itself grows inside the body or torso area and seems to be highly adaptable to a vast array of other Salt creatures.  In other words, there will be accelerated growth and evolution seen in the next period due to this mutation.  The new creature is in strong contrast with the prior adaptations that were achieved using other, more intrusive methods. These methods resulted in elegant and strong species of Salt water creatures, that had obvious manipulations of science, and or gene therapy involved in the growth process.  The new method of breeding makes the other methods seem archaic and dated.  When doing breath meditations with a Salt “Gilled” creature the user will notice a smooth regulation of flow and a symbiosis not found in other Salt water creatures.  While only a small fraction is known about the Salt creature in general, this research has yielded many answers and cemented a reoccurring theme that the Salt creature is highly adaptable and seems to be almost willing to adapt for symbiotic relationships with humans.  Further investigation into these phenomena will follow.

Thank you for reading this humble research done by a novice as a passion.  This is not meant to be official research conducted using the strict guidelines of the scientific method.  Though much is borrowed from it to control variables, I prefer to use my intuition as well when seeking answers.  I apologize for any crudities and inconsistencies that are a result of this method and again thank you for you considerations of my thoughts.