The King & The Cluxtch: Part 2

I spun sharply to the right and saw the owner of the terrible sound. The bottom feeder was a massive and belligerent creature, known for its unbelievable appetite and aggressive nature. They were normally about as large as an elephant, but this one was at lest twice that size. The beast had not yet noticed me. I slowly lowered my self to where I felt hidden and peered out at the Bottom feeder. It was only then that I noticed the being that had the Bottom feeder’s attention. It cowered under the crushing presence of the great creature. The beast was toying with him having already eaten its fill in guard tails it was taking it’s time with this last one. An eternity went by, and I felt frozen by my indecision. The beast reared up to strike a killing blow and I suddenly snapped. I jumped out of my hiding spot and threw a rock at the bottom feeder. It was a rash and pointless effort but it was a well aimed throw and it would have fell most small creatures. However the stone seemed to die when it hit the bottom feeder. The Feeder rolled its face towards the source of the annoyance and immediately let me know he saw me with a shrieking bellow.

I moved out to the left and started to look for some kind of escape or shelter. By now the Feeder was moving towards me and making a low pitched gurgling sound with its throat. The feeder’s original victim, astonished that he was not dead was slow to move at first. He finally had opened his eves only to see the Feeder moving away and towards some strange and unfamiliar being. I saw him stir in my peripheral but my focus remained steady and locked on the beast. My blade was strong and hand made, a good blade, I had killed creatures as large as this bottom feeder with it before. I circled to the left in order to gain more room to maneuver, my blade tightly fixed in my right hand. The beast was fast but fairly clumsy as it made its first attack. As I dodged back to the right I switched blade hands and dragged the cutting edge across the feeder’s throat. The blade skipped and scraped but left no mark. I had not realized that the creature was covered with such a tough scaly armor. When the Feeders would-be victim finally spoke, his words were level and calm, “The Cluxtch, you must try to use The Cluxtch, it’s the only way” he said. “There, on the ground to your right.” I could see the handle of a blade laying about five steps from where I was. The feeder roared loudly when I looked at the blade and started to run towards me. “NOW! THE CLUXTCH IS THE ONLY WAY!” I took two steps and dove at the blade. The Feeder move so quickly that it clipped my feet before I hit the ground spinning me out and leaving me a hands length from the blade and facing the feeder on my side. What happened next was not clear to me for some time. The Feeder moved in to strike and I braced my self to be chewed up. I had closed my eyes, then, somehow, the blade was in my hand and my arm was moving. I struck with a moderate amount of force but the blade glided right through the armor of the Feeder. The being called out something, but the long groan of the Feeder drowned out the sound. I jumped up and barely missed getting crushed by the raging Feeder. I shook off the terror and shock of the previous moments and calmness came over me. I turned to face the feeder squarely, this strange new blade tightly pressed in my hand. I waited, the feeder was wounded but only enough to be pissed and it roared once again at the insignificant creature that seemed to not fear it properly. The feeder struck and instead of trying to dodge I lunged forward with the blade at point and put all the force I had behind it. The Feeder gave a great cry as it stopped just short of crushing me. The full-length of my arm had followed the knife into the feeder’s throat plate. It fell with a gurgle and died. I brushed off and came over to the feeder’s original victim. He was hurt but not badly and when I came to him he spoke, “Thank you son. What is your name stranger?” he said. “I am Salt, I come from far away.” “Well Salt you just saved a king from death when it was almost certain. That blade you wielded was a Cluxtch blade and I have had it for a long time. It was passed down to me by my father and to him by his father and so on from our distant ancestors. What has happened here today is known as sefrh, it means that which hasn’t been seen. The blade has chosen you now it is yours.” I was astonished and it must have been clear because the king said, “all will be answered in good time, all you need to know now is that you have saved my life and I am very grateful.”

I learned much in the time I spent with the king. He was strangely compelled to teach me what he could, mostly about survival, or as he referred to it, longevity. Once he sat me down and gave me this warning. “There are many types in the see, Salt, you must be aware. I know that soon you will grow bored with the safety of the kingdom and leave us. There are those in the see that will be drawn to you. Some will be great allies, those that hold you up and whom you can trust. However there are also those that would take what you have like this one you’ve told me of in Loocodar. The see is ripe with these mercenaries and bandits out only for themselves. Your best weapon is your head. If they are following you then they are always one step behind you, you must use your head to stay focused on what truths you can find.” I remember thinking that it was a waste of time to try and track down this imposter in Loocodar. To what end? There was a wise rhetoric to the King’s words. I knew it was there but it took me a while to notice it. Put simply don’t give the negative attention, if you do, it takes away from the attention you give the positive. The day that I left, the king repeated these words to me with a noticeable amount of concern. “Trust only those who earn the right and none other. There will be many challenges and foes but the see has much to offer you Salt, Farewell.” And at that I left. I wandered in a direction that I had not gone in quite a while, down…….