The King & The Cluxtch: Part 3

The sore flesh surrounding the worst of the small bites on my left arm awoke me. I could feel the dagger still in my hand. The smooth ridges of the Cluxtch flexed slightly as I regained consciousness. They had been after the blade, I had heard one call to the other, “get the blade”. The Cluxtch blade knew that I was awake. This was because it was no ordinary blade, a Cluxtch blade was alive. The Kings wisdom echoed in my memory, A Clutcherouxe is a creature that usually only grows to the size of large splitter. Normally a Clutcherouxe will attach itself to another creature or plant and feed off that creatures waste and life force for survival.

Long ago the earliest know natives of the see had discovered that the Clutcherouxe that lived down near where the new rock was made grew larger, and that if caught just as they are hatched could be attached to a shard of the extremely hard new rock. If taken care of properly they would grow onto the rock at the molecular level creating an un paralleled bond, and a blade. A Cluxtch blade, also called a stoned dagger, was virtually indestructible and light weight, the Cluxtch blade was a formidable tool, however the real secret to the power of yielding a Cluxtch blade was that the Clutcherouxe still needed to feed off the life force of another being namely the owner of the blade. So, over time a symbiotic relationship between the blade and its owner could be cultivated and result in an inexplicable increase in ability and performance. It was said that a skilled warrior with a well seasoned Cluxtch blade, fought as if in a trance with a calm intensity and an unyielding stamina, falling foes of much greater size and number. These warriors were long since lost to time and only tales of their way survived as artifacts. The words of the king rang still in my mind as I thought about what had happened. The king’s words already had proven to be as much a gift as the priceless Cluxtch blade and together, they had probably saved my life. I took my time carving the letters into the blade.