The S.A.L.T. Perc

Sculpturally Applied Linear Tunnel

For some time now I have been trying to find ways to get my Salt creatures to breath in the water. When I first discovered this strange and diverse kingdom of creatures it seemed that they were meant for hot/dry climates exclusively.  In fac,t in the beginning most of these creatures could survive for a mere 30 seconds outside a range of 900 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. I began to amass skills and knowledge in the practice of cultivating and later breeding the creatures to be more adaptable to climate change and environment. In addition I noticed a slow but measurable evolution in the structure, and physical make up of the creatures as well. The eyes became more detailed and diverse in size and color. Later I realized that the eyes were a powerful genetic marker for many of the traits I would find desirable and want to amplify. I noticed an increase in “self defense” features namely, teeth, claws, hands, horns, and armor like plating. All of this change was very exciting but still limited to the dry climates.

My own curiosity and desire to experiment led me to try a sort of blending of science and nature that I admit at first seemed forced and unnatural. The result was a crude but functional salt creature that could function under water. I was very happy to have crossed this bridge and saw it as real progress. That said I was not satisfied, I wanted seamless integration of the function of the science and the strange beauty of my creatures. I had to sort of “de-claw “ the first few since until I got the hang of the process and made a few adjustments, the more flashy features were incompatible with the genetic modifications that I was making. The resulting research yielded a new breed of salt creature that had a more humanoid body structure and was equipped with a sort of bio port for functional parts. This was real progress but still required a scientific, manufactured add on to allow the creature to breath in the water. Through out this whole process, which I have distilled into a mere few paragraphs for the purpose of telling the story, I had begun to notice and measure an acceleration of the adaptability and progression of the creatures themselves.

After some time I realized that as a side effect of my experimentations I had inadvertently bred a hyper-actively evolving strain of the creatures. They were now designed to adapt at a staggering rate naturally. This realization eventually evolved into the idea to try and breed the creatures to breath the water on their own. Basically this meant that I needed to encourage the growth of new organs or to enhance the function of the existing ones.